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Terrific Tonkotsu

Pacific Rim’s instant noodles always come through with the best flavors during the toughest cravings; this includes JinMaiLang udon noodles with tonkotsu!

These udon noodles are made of wheat flour and have a thick soft texture. With the noodles comes a packet of sauce flavoring and a packet of some dehydrated veggies to complete the dish!

Making these noodles seems almost too easy!! On a stove you can choose to heat up the required amount of water or to make it quicker I stick a bowl of water in the microwave! Plop those noodles in and let them slowly break apart while adding the flavoring!

With a microwave in hand, these noodles take 5 minutes tops to make and go for a quick and easy snack or dinner! However, if you are feeling fancy with it(like I did at the time) or simply want to customize to your liking, feel free! When I tell you I have tried both ways and these noodles taste amazing as a meal or as a base for a meal!

Fresh veggies such as carrot, bok choy, green onion, mushroom(which technically is not a veggie), celery, or anything you want! Protein like an egg: fried, scrambled, hard boiled, and or marinaded like the delicious eggs in our cravings deli can all be options for your future cooking experience! These noodles leave plenty of room to customize to whatever your liking or just to leave as it’s original delicious taste! You’ll soon agree with me that the rich aroma of this pork based soup is not done enough justice! You can almost picture yourself in a cozy restaurant looking out at the rainy day while blowing on your hot soup rich in that warm flavorful scent. This scent not only stands for the delicious noodles that you are about to dig into, but also the shared laughs on winter days with your family, the feeling of the hot broth flowing through you down to your freezing toes from the bitter cold, or the warm summer nights while the cicadas sing and endless chatter gets lost in the light of the stars. The rich, salty, hearty taste feels almost familiar and warm and keeps your mouth watering! The dehydrated veggies add all the toppings you need to feel healthy while eating these noodles! These noodles are definitely my go to comfort food and I especially love eating them on a cold day while wrapped up in a blanket watching my favorite show!

Of course, if pork flavored instant noodles are not in your diet, check out the other two flavors we offer! Happy eating (featuring chopsticks from the one and only Pacific Rim!)


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