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Pacific Rim stocks fresh produces & herbs from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and India.  As a specialty store, our greens range from Kaffir Lime Leaf (Thai), to Burdock Roots (Japanese), to Bitter Melon (China).  If we don’t have what you are looking for, please just ASK!


Classes are on hold as we prepare to move into our new location. But don't worry, Xin's cooking classes will be back soon to help you transform the most exotic ingredients into a mouthwatering feast!

Our new classes will be taught on-site at Pacific Rims in our new cooking lab for your convenience. You'll also be able to browse, select, reserve and pay for your classes online! 

"I cannot wait to welcome you in our new classroom as we explore new ideas with fresh Asian ingredients!" - XIN

Xin Wang chopping with clever
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