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finding new flavors for you to explore

Fresh & Frozen

Pacific Rim stacks fresh produce & herbs from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. 


As a specialty store, our greens range from Kaffir Lime Leaf (Thai), to Burdock Roots (Japanese), to Bitter Melon (China).  If we don’t have what you are looking for, please just ASK!

Our frozen selection includes many popular brands of dumplings, buns, prepared meals, noodle dishes, all of which are ready to eat in 10 minutes!

Don’t come looking for a simple vanilla ice cream, we carry nothing but the most extraordinary flavored ice cream,  such as mochi balls, matcha (green tea powder), halo-halo, red bean bars, mango sherbet... Expecting nothing ordinary because everything is spectacular!


Also, don’t forget our meat and seafood freezer, from soft shell crabs, to whole shrimp and fish, to the most popular thinly sliced beef, lamb, pork and pork belly for your Hot Pot.  We are the only store in town with a sea of sushi supplies --- White Tuna, Salmon, Eel, Raw Fish, Fish Eggs!


WHAT!?! You didn't know that Pacific Rim carries Beers and Wines!  We offer an extensive and curated variety of imported beverages in town!


Whether you want Sparkling Sake for a Celebration, Soju for Korean BBQ, TsingTao for Mapo Tofu,  Singha for Pad-thai, we can pair a beverage to your meal!


Our pantry has a sea of sauces, a canyon of can goods, a house of hot sauces that are hard to find anywhere else in town! We also have abundance of gluten-free products at a regular price!


Whether you are looking for that special cooking sauce, healthy tea, variety rice, dried mushrooms, canned vegetables and fruits, we got them or can get them for you!


We carry a world of spices ---Star Anise Seeds, Sweet and Regular Cinnamons, Brown and Green Szechwan Pepper Corns, Cardamom, Turmeric, Galangal, Cumin, Paprika and many more….we GOT them!


We love and are proud of our cloud of the pungent and robust flavors in the store, come in and get a whiff!


If you love to cook, you cannot chop, stir, blend, serve, and eat without proper tools and gadgets!  You need our woks, rice cookers, slicers, ramen pans and bowls, chopsticks, sushi knifes, cleavers, steam baskets…. 


Everyone can cook with the right tools and ingredients!

plus snacks & sweets & more!

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