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Silk Fan Painting with Meticulous Style

  • 50 US dollars
  • 229 West Kilgore Road, Portage

Class Description

In the past, silk has been traditionally used as the primary surface for which Chinese fine-line painting has been worked onto. Silk fabric was quite imported for painters long before painting on paper became popular. The Meticulous painting style was particularly applied on silk fans. In this class, we will be working on a small painting on a circular fan with genuine silk surface. The primary purpose is to understand the application progress and the interaction between the paint and the work surface. This is a good way to get your hands on a traditional and widely used material and related techniques. We will practice on fine line work and application of the painting techniques. Our theme will be a still-life painting based on traditional motif subjects. China has a long tradition of painting on silk fans dated from as early as the Song dynasty, around 900 AD. Silk fan painting is a very popular form of small painting during this time, and the motifs are often related to subjects such as flowers and birds, still-life and landscape. It is widely used for display purposes and was cherished by the court as well as the general public. The silk fan serves the functions and becomes a decorative displayable frame for small compositions. If you have taken the "meticulous painting" class previously, it will be a good time to use the skills learned previously. New learners can also start to learn the techniques and materials during the process. An intro and short demo will be given in the beginning, and the learners will spend the majority of the time painting. I will guide them step by step throughout the process as they are working. All materials are provided, including painting tools, reference materials and the silk fan. Instructor Julia Z. Wang is a passionate artist whose subjects are depictions of the tranquil and peaceful nature of subjects. Her work focuses on two styles, that of realism and abstract. Her favorite subjects are portraits, figurative art and still life. The primary medium of oil and traditional drawing. Having been involved in the arts at a young age, Julia started to learn the traditional art of Chinese meticulous paint in her hometown of Beijing at age eight. Later took many classes in the US, including art rooted in the European an East Asian traditions. Her media includes drawing, oil, watercolor, Asian meticulous and expressionistic ink painting.

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