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Indomie Instant Noodles

I'm on my 4th case, yes, you heard it right... 4 cases in a roll with this thing... 2 ramen every night, almost every night. It all started with my son eating it for snack after school, and with me eating the leftovers; slowly worked my way up to eating 3 at a time all by myself.

It's hard to describe flavor, but it's easy to describe cravings. I crave this flavor combo every night around 11. The flavoring packet have 5 components; sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, a flavoring oil, seasoning powder, and fried shallots. A lot, for a ramen this size and price range, at $0.49 each, seriously how can you not try one? The slight sweetness of the sweet soy sauce and the crunchy bits of the fried shallots, the magic of those powder and oil seasonings, and of course the over-easy egg really improved the overall flavor as well.

All you need is a pot of boiling water to cook the noodle for 2-3 minutes, then dump all the water and mix the sauce and powder. The flavor is positively retro, it's what ramen tasted like when I was a kid, rich flavor, chewy noodle, and an unbelievably dumb packaging to get your hands greasy when you open the the oil pack... (yes, I'm talking to you Indomie, seal the flavoring pack at a different side! So we could peel the package open without losing any flavors on our hands!)

And the amount of options that come with the brand is just immense; Curry Chicken, Onion Chicken, Special Chicken, BBQ Chicken (they're really stretching the chicken line...) Beef & Lime, Hot & Spicy, Satay, and the flavors go on...

Until next time. :D


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Henry Hauschulz
Henry Hauschulz

Is that why the store doesn't seem to carry the brand anymore? These noodles are SO GOOD, but if your habit really got to 3 a day, I could see why you might opt to just... not have it around lol

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