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Spicy ramen isn't my particular type of thing, not a fire seeking person in general, but I do find some ramens have the right amount of heat and the flavor benefits from it. Bibim Men is one of those ramens, I put in about 80% of the gochujang sauce enclosed. Yeah, wimp, I know. But hear me out. The noodle itself is simple, only 1 sauce pack, so you have to be creative, and this particular ramen is all about the “set up”, or toppings. Just the ramen alone won't cut it, you'll need shredded cucumber, egg, pickled radish, just about anything you have lying around in your fridge... even put in bacon if you have some.

Step 1... boil the noodle, nothing special.

Step 2... while the noodles are boiling, whisk 2 eggs into a bowl and start prepping your toppings. I normally don't add anything into the eggs as the flavoring part will come later. Cook them into a flat disk.

Step 3... roll them up and start cutting into strips, but don't overcook the eggs. You want the eggs to be soft as you mix them into the noodles later.

Step 4... a dash of mirin helps flavor the eggs to perfection, especially in ramen. You should always have mirin on hand.

Step 5... put the boiled noodle on the bottom. I like to retain some water on the bottom and not drain it completely as it helps the mixing process later.

Perfection in simplicity... Bibim Men's noodle is soft, delicate, and chewy. The gochujang sauce pack is on the sweet side, but still has a little bit of heat to it. I recommend adding about half the sauce in first, you could always add more. Enjoy.


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