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Tangle-tastic Noodles

The folks at Samyang have perfected the art of ramen flavors, look no further than the extensive and unique flavor options Buldak noodles have to offer. Their newest line of ramen, Tangle, combines European and Korean cuisine, creating flavors like Bulgogi Alfredo and today’s ramen, Kimchi Rosé Tangluccine. 

This ramen bowl comes with 3 packets: flakes, sauce and a cheesy powder. The flake packet comes with lots of dried kimchi! 

The bowl has different instructions for different preparation styles- microwave and boiling water. You can either pour in water to the lower line and microwave the bowl for 5 minutes, or pour boiling water up to a higher line and drain the water after 5 ½ minutes. I chose to microwave my bowl and it ended up a little soggy in the process… Consider placing your bowl on a plate or paper towel for easy clean up. 

Once my noodles were ready I added the sauce and cheese powder. The sauce smells amazing, like tomatoes and basil! The cheese powder adds a wonderful creaminess to the sauce. I added some fresh housemade kimchi on top, and some seaweed too.

I was very curious to see how the kimchi flavor would pair with classic Italian flavors, and I was pleasantly surprised! The kimchi adds a nice acidity to the meal, reminiscent of fresh tomatoes, and brings a bit of extra heat. The spice is much more manageable than Buldak, but still leaves a satisfying burn. The fettuccine-sorry, tangluccine- noodles hold the sauce well and have a great texture and eggy flavor. The creamy, cheesy sauce alleviates the spiciness with a sweet, tangy flavor and has a downright addictive taste. If you’re a fan of Buldak’s Carbonara noodles, or are looking for a more mild creamy ramen, I highly recommend giving it a taste!


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