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✨Singapore Curry LaMian✨

Okay, I can say with certainty that Prima Taste’s Singapore Curry LaMian is the most DELUXE instant ramen I’ve ever had! You can tell from the distinctive packaging that their Singapore LaMian line is premium. These noodles are known for being indulgent, and their chicken curry flavor is no different.

Inside the package we have their thick steamed-then-air-dried noodles, and two mixes. With the sturdy mix packets, I feel like I’m unpacking an MRE! Knowing how much governments invest in those MREs, that’s really a compliment! The curry paste packet is pretty self-explanatory, and the curry premix contains the coconut milk mix.

Generally I like to taste the noodles plain before they are cooked, so I tip out some of the broken pieces from the bag to snack on while I am cooking. These noodles both look and feel high-quality, and they have a pleasant and refined taste. Honestly, some instant ramen noodles taste good on their own because they basically taste halfway to being chips due to being fried. La Mian noodles on the other hand taste good because they taste light and fresh! They’re real noodles!

The first step in actually making the noodles is to mix the paste and premix into 2 cups of water and then bring it to a boil. Simple! Once the curry soup is boiling in the pot, add the noodles, reduce the heat, and continue to boil them for 7 minutes. It takes a little longer than other ramens to cook because the noodles are thicker and of premium quality.

To add some green, I threw in some chrysanthemum leaves in the last couple of minutes of cooking (yes Pacific Rim sells those! They taste fragrant and cook easily in soup, so they are perfect for ramen). Other good options would be cooked chicken, tofu, bok choy, beans, or julienned vegetables (I find that vegetables with a longer and thinner shape will mix in and flow better with the noodles, and so are picked up more easily with chopsticks while you are eating rather than having to fish them out separately from the noodles).

I also had a few chicken-flavored tofu kebabs (also from PRF) with the LaMian. The texture of the soup was incredibly creamy, and the noodles were robust and chewy so as not to be overpowered. The sweetness of the coconut milk also wonderfully balanced out the spice from the curry. If you want a super luxe - yet quick - meal, Singapore LaMian should be your first choice!

On top of curry, we also currently have the flavors Chilli Crab and Laksa for you to check out! Prima Taste also has a whole grain LaMian line which we have in stock with the flavors curry, laksa, and prawn soup.


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