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Shin Light is Dynamite!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

What else can we say about Shin Ramyun, South Korea's best-selling instant noodle brand? Originally released in 1986, these spicy noodles are now distributed to over 100 countries. Shin Ramyun Black was introduced in 2011 with the addition of a seolleongtang powder, adding the milky white richness of ox bone soup.

Nongshim has recently added another version to entice your appetite, Shin Light. A healthier version made with air dried noodles which cuts the calories 25% and reduces the fat intake by 75%! Sounds good, but does it taste good? Absolutely!

The taste is nearly identical to regular Shin Ramyun with the main difference being a cleaner, sharper soup base thanks to the air dried noodles. No oily undertones. Shin Light is a seriously refreshing, peppery blast with their signature wavy noodles!

-David Lynn

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