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Spicy and Sour Noodles

My new instant ramen addiction: maybe it’s the chili oil.....maybe it’s the aged black vinegar.....maybe it’s pickled mustard greens.....and maybe it’s the texture of the potato noodles....I am hooked!

Spicy and Sour instant noodle (rice or sweet potato noodles) - on a cold day I crave its warmth; on a hot day I rely on it for the appetite!

1. Boil the noodle for 5 minutes with a quart of water; drain out the noodles 2. Boil 2 cups of water 3. In a Ramen bowl - mix noodles and spice packs; add the 2 cups of fresh boiling water; and eat up!

Best to add some beef brisket or stew and green onions on top! (Thanks to Karin for the beef idea!)

Spicy level 🌶 (8 out of 10; you may use less of the chili oil pack)

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Randi Zuverink
Randi Zuverink
11 nov 2019

Keep up the good work on your reviews. I look forward you trying these next time.

Mi piace
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