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Nongshim Shin Black

Late Night Ramen Review #1

One of my guilty-pleasures in life is late night ramen. "you should do a review on them.", my wife randomly suggested. What a great idea!

When the Shin Black came out a few years ago, I thought it was just a "hype" version of the regular Shin; packaging was nicer and indeed, it does offer more for your money, so instead of just 2 flavoring packs, the Black edition comes with 3. Cooking it is very straightforward. I will share some of my normal routine next to the photos.

A tablespoon of miso creates a deeper complex broth and helps the soup cling to the noodles

Shin Black has much richer broth compared with the regular Shin (which we all know and love), and hint of onion flavor as well. The noodle is classic Nongshin, thick, good quality. If you do it right, the texture is chewy and have some bite to it.

Gently drop and poach an egg before serving... the yolk is pure liquid gold

Is it worth the extra money? That's up to you to decide, for me however, I found myself preferring the richness of the broth, and every time I go back to eat a regular Shin ramen, the broth felt light in comparison.

A dash of green for color and a pop of fresh flavor is a great addition

Until next time. 📷:)


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