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What the devil?! Shi Zu Ren Energy!

First, let me just say that the packaging for this spicy noodle soup is awesome! So much so that I made the soup in another bowl just to keep this container! I've often thought about getting a tattoo and was leaning toward the Samyang fire-breathing chicken, but this little devil may have just made the list too! Anyways, how are the noodles inside? Well, let's open the package and find out...

Wow! They certainly packed a lot into this tiny container! Let's see... we have the dried sweet potato vermicelli noodles, spice powder bag, broad bean sauce bag (with garlic, ginger and shallots), black vinegar, bean skin, vegetables and spicy peanuts... that's 7 items plus a fork! Now it's time to assemble...

That was easy... put everything together in the bowl, cover with boiling water and wait for 4 minutes. Some might ask why do they pack everything separately if you're just going to mix it all together? I think it helps each ingredient retain it's own flavor, and makes each bite just a bit different... which is definitely true with this noodle bowl!

Look at how that spicy soup is clinging to those noodles! I've had many other instant glass noodle bowls and I think this is one of the better ones. The mix of heat, sweet and sour is perfect. Even though the soup looks terrifyingly red, it's not terribly spicy. It's more of a tingly Sichuan peppercorn type of heat. I also think it has the perfect amount of black vinegar. I've had some bowls that were reminiscent of sucking on a lemon... but these Shi Zu Ren Energy noodles have found the right balance. Also, the texture of the noodles were spot on and really absorbed the flavor of the soup they were bathing in.

If you're used to eating flour-based noodles and haven't tried the clear kind yet, I'd definitely recommend this one. As with other glass noodles, they're lower in calories and saturated fat... but could be higher in sodium as a result.

-David Lynn

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